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Improving Performance and Efficiency with Analytics
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 | 2:00 PM CDT

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John Nelson
Vice President, Operations, Sales & Marketing,
Ethanol Producer Magazine
Dan Walter
Engineering and Commercial Leader for the Biofuels & Grains Vertical,
SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
Greg Hoffpauir
Biofuels & Grains Marketing Leader,
SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
img-091521.jpg Are you interested in squeezing more performance out of your stillage evaporator and/or distillation systems?

Legislation and economics are challenging ethanol producers to place more emphasis on higher value co-products, carbon intensity scoring and more efficient ethanol production.

Learn how process analytics can be applied to evaporator and beer column operations to improve performance and energy efficiency. In this webinar, we will examine novel methods being used to reduce fouling, track energy efficiency and measure performance improvements, and include a review of case study data from current applications.

All operations managers, engineers, sustainability and quality professionals should attend this webinar to understand how process analytics can be applied to meet the objectives of the ethanol industry.

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